We Unite People Together

We are Non-Governmental Organization and Non- Profit making Organization playing the proactive role in the promotion of inventive and innovative activities in Nigeria with the logistic support of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology..


Perhaps you have ideas on how to solve problems of humanity, making solutions available and affordable, having ideas that would make the world a better place, you can partake in joining our team.


If you have manufacture a particular thing no one has done or if you have improved on what someone has already done you can tell us as well as join hands with us


Become a member if you are good at carrying out experiments and investigations in range of areas, that includes medical research, science, education and pharmacology planning and conducting experiments etc.


To all artesian who has a manual skill and you are good at making items, tools or even machines, drawing, sculpturing and designing, you can join us and be an active member on this site


For experts who have any professional knowledge in a particular field of study or ability to identify a problem and solve it, be a part of our organization.


If you are an entrepreneur with any business, innovations or ideas that can be used to create and solve the needs of a client or customer you can become a member by completing the form.

Protecting Inventors

Protecting Inventors

  • Give you a hand holding protection through (WIPO) - World Interlectual Property Organization
  • Provide opportunity to participate in international invention exhibitions
  • Contribute to the commercialization of inventions through ANI Technology Transfer Center
  • Offer advisory services on IP protection
  • Create network between inventors and ANI representatives in different countries
  • Award ANI Medal and Certificate to the best inventions
  • Insert ANI Medal Winners on ANI website
  • Publish best invention video in ANI Channel
  • Celebrate International Inventors’ Day

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Interating with Government

  • Encourage the government to support inventors
  • Involve the government in the organization of related events
  • Correspondence with the national Intellectual Property Offices
  • Award ANI Memorial Medal to the High ranking officials
Interacting with Government
Supporting Event Organizers

Sponsoring Event Organizers

  • Insert the event in ANI Calendar
  • Insert the event banner in ANI Event Schedule
  • Disseminate the event news via ANI Newsletter
  • Give the authority to use the ANI Logo in all promotional materials
  • Organize training workshops alongside the event
  • Promote the event in ANI Social Media
  • Publish the event report in ANI News
  • Award ANI Memorial Medal and Certificate to the governmental sponsors
  • Award ANI Medal and certificate to the individual sponsors
  • Insert the data of ANI Medal Recipients in ANI website

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Supporting Inventors and Inventions

  • Provide special offers for participation in ANI international events
  • Provide the opportunity to exchange innovative knowledge in ANI congress, conference and forums
  • Promote association activities via ANI professional publication
  • Provide the opportunity to participate in innovation processes, policy making, advocacy, and representation
  • Create enabling environment for inventors and entreprenuers to meet

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Supporting Invention Association