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Insecurity in Nigeria: Insecurity in Nigeria: Causes, Effects, and Solution

Gideon Best 2019-07-25 113

The need for security was the basis of the social contract between the citizens and the state, in which people willingly surrendered their rights to the government who oversees the survival of all. From this perspective, security embodies the mechanism put in place to avoid, prevent, reduce, or resolve violent conflicts, and threats that originate from...

4 Proven Ways to Discover Your Next Breakthrough Idea

Gideon Best 2019-07-25 72

It all starts with the idea. Google, Warby Parker, Toms and every other brand we've come to know, love and trust were all birthed out of brilliant idea.

The  right idea is the starting point to building a thriving business. It's what solves a problem like none other. For instance, Stripe eliminated a major headache, by making it...